The 6th Day

After time travel in The Terminator, aliens in Predator and mind control in Total Recall, Arnie takes on the controversial topic of cloning in this ’00 flick, The 6th Day. It might not be as critically acclaimed as the others, but by gosh is it entertaining.


Set in a futuristic world – ‘sooner than you think‘ the film suggests – Arnie plays Adam Gibson, a helicopter pilot who remains rather old-fashioned in a world where you can order milk from the touch of a button on your fridge. One of the inventions this film accurately predicted is the sat nav, although in this film it can drive the car to your destination. The futuristic element definitely recalls Total Recall, but I’ll allow it. His daughter’s dog, Oliver, snuffs it one morning (incidentally his birthday) while Adam is at work, and his wife (Wendy Crewson) suggests that he take the dog to RePet, a cloning facility for animals.

It turns out that cloning of all animals has been proven scientifically possible, and practically achievable, although an incident involving the clone of a human has rendered the practise of human cloning illegal. Nevertheless, an underground cloning facility exists, with RePet as their public face.



Adam decides not to clone the dog, as he feels it’s worth teaching his daughter that all things must die. Nevertheless, when he gets home, he finds that Oliver is alive and well, yapping at him on the front lawn. He then hears a party, as well as people singing ‘Happy Birthday‘ from inside his house, and when he looks in, he sees another Arnie! Dum-dum-DUMMM!

However, the baddies are onto him, specifically Michael Rooker (Merle from The Walking Dead), Terry Crews (from the Old Spice adverts), Sarah Wynter and Rodney Rowland. Despite being rather easy to defeat, the arch-baddie Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn) is able to ressurect them through the utilisation of his cloning device, although it would surely be cheaper just to hire new grunts. Eventually, Arnie manages to team up with himself, resulting in some pretty hilarious dialogue. See below.

The effects are adequate, the action is fab, the sci-fi is pretty decent, the dialogue is cheesy and Arnie is simply Arnie. If you’re looking for a rip-roaring sci-fi action B-movie then you’ve come to the right place. Arnie never disappoints!


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